Steven Ellis

Fishery Reporting Specialist
NOAA Fisheries Service
Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
Hampton, Virginia

General Area(s) of Expertise

Aquaculture, Emergency Response, Fisheries Management, Outreach, Protected Species

Specific Area(s) of Expertise

Fisheries-Management: Commercial Fishing, Cooperative Research, Fish Population Assessment, Fishery Observers, Recreational Fishing
Outreach: Citizen Science, Communications, Community Outreach, Education (K-12)
Protected-Species: Endangered Species, Marine Mammals


Frequent Federal Partners: None of these
Frequent NOAA-Funded Nongovernmental Partners: Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, New England Fishery Management Council
Frequent State Partners: Natural Resources, Marine Fisheries

Contact Information
(757) 723-3369
(978) 609-4147
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