Gary Garnet

Meteorologist In Charge
National Weather Service
Cleveland, OH WFO (CLE)
Cleveland, Ohio

General Area(s) of Expertise

Climate, Ecological Forecasting, Emergency Response, Great Lakes, Operations, Outreach, Social Sciences, Weather

Specific Area(s) of Expertise

Climate: Climate Prediction
Ecological-Forecasting: Harmful Algal Blooms
Operations: Administrative Support, High-Performance Computing
Outreach: Citizen Science, Communications, Community Outreach, Education (K-12), Media
Social-Sciences: Monitoring/Evaluation
Weather: Ensemble Forecasting, Extreme Wind Events, Fire Weather, Forecasting, Hydrology, Meteorology, Model System Development, Storm Surge


Frequent Federal Partners: Federal Emergency Management Adminstration (FEMA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), US Geological Survey (USGS)
Frequent NOAA-Funded Nongovernmental Partners: Great Lakes Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System (GLOS)
Frequent State Partners: Emergency Management, Natural Resources, Water Quality / Water Management, State Climatologist

Contact Information
(216) 265-2382 222

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